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  • Vase in the corner Vase in the corner 40x50cm SOLD
  • Vase with Peonies Vase with Peonies 80x100cm SOLD
  • Vase, dried flower heads Vase, dried flower heads 100x80cm SOLD
  • Tapas Tapas 50x50cm SOLD
  • Stairwell Stairwell 30x40cm SOLD
  • Spring flowers Spring flowers 50x50cm SOLD
  • Spring bouquet Spring bouquet 25x39cm SOLD
  • Salad bowl Salad bowl 50x50cm SOLD
  • Peonies Peonies 80x100cm SOLD
  • Offerings Offerings 30x40cm SOLD
  • Lunch for one Lunch for one 55x55cm SOLD
  • Hot Cuppa Hot Cuppa 30x40cm SOLD
  • Honesty bouquet Honesty bouquet 30x40cm (Framed) SOLD
  • Fresh bread Fresh bread 50x50cm SOLD
  • Dinner Dinner 60x80cm SOLD
  • Cup of tea Cup of tea 25x25cm SOLD
  • Breakfast Breakfast 50x50cm SOLD
  • Bowl of Pears Bowl of Pears 40x50cm SOLD
  • Bowl of fruit Bowl of fruit 30x40cm SOLD
  • Bowl of Figs Bowl of Figs 40x40cm SOLD
  • Autumn vases Autumn vases 62x88cm SOLD
  • 3cups 3cups 30x40cm SOLD
  • 2 mugs 2 mugs 50x50cm SOLD
  • Christmas Banana Christmas Banana 45x60cm SOLD
  • Cemetary Tree Cemetary Tree 25x30cm SOLD
  • Vase of Autumn twigs Vase of Autumn twigs 30x40cm SOLD
  • Cornish pebbles in a bowl with apple Cornish pebbles in a bowl with apple 30x40 SOLD

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